Our Strategy

We focus on lower middle-market industrial technology and services companies led by entrepreneurial managers, operate in sectors we know well with long-term growth trends, and provide opportunities for us to materially influence the trajectory of the business.

Industrial Technology & Services

  • Mission critical services that need to be carried out at regular intervals
  • Asset-light, capital-efficient business models, ability to perform through cycles with low capex
  • Highly technical work with favorable gross margin dynamics
  • Add-on acquisitions of complementary services increases share of client wallet

Lower Middle-Market

  • Large universe of proven small-cap companies with limited access to capital looking for a true partner
  • Opportunity to bring sophistication and succession stability to otherwise great organizations
  • Less competition for an abundance of overlooked and non-obvious businesses
  • Niche, highly fragmented subsectors

Investment Criteria

$3M to $15M
Target the U.S. Gulf Coast, ability to invest throughout North America
Proven team with entrepreneurial spirit, willingness to reinvest into company's future
Market Position
Defensible barriers to entry,
competitive business dynamics
Sector Trends
Differentiated service offering in an established market niche, sector exhibits long-term growth trends
Equity Investment
$5M to $30M
Targeted End Markets
  • Transportation Services (Marine, Road, Rail)
  • Soft-Crafts (Scaffold, Insulation, Refractory)
  • Water Treatment / Services / Consumables
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Equipment Rental
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Fire, Life Safety, & Security Services
  • Specialized Waste Management
  • Quality Inspection & Assurance
  • Data Capture & Analysis