About Us

Our team has a long history of investing in and supporting the growth of high-quality industrial and infrastructure services businesses. We lead with our ability to bring operational, M&A, commercial, and managerial capabilities to the boardroom, in addition to our investment capital

Our Background

Founded in 2019 and based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Carr's Hill invests in lower middle-market industrial and infrastructure services companies.

The Carr's Hill team brings the experience and learnings from over 50 private investments, further supported by a cultivated network of formal and informal partners and executives who are experts in their fields.

Our Gulf Coast location affords us the rare ability to be a truly local partner to our management teams. We bring an understanding and comfort with the operations, labor dynamics, and business cycles of industrial companies. For each investment, we aim to bring highly relevant customer contacts and executives with operational backgrounds to the partnership.

We are passionate about building sustainable, growing businesses




Platform Investments


Total Acquisitions

Our Philosophy

Invest in Accomplished Teams
Seek to partner with outstanding management teams that share similar core values and a commitment to growth
Build a Trusted Partnership
We do what we say we’ll do, treat entrepreneurs as partners, and play an active role
Prioritize Risk Control
Manage risk through price, structure, seller alignment, reporting, customer and supplier relationships, and active board management
Establish Multiple Growth Levers
Focus on the fundamentals and seek to create shareholder value through growth and operational improvement initiatives
Foster a Winning Culture
Achieving growth requires a shared vision supported by collaboration and integrity